Obsession with the outcome of a race can decrease your confidence…

From the Coach
young woman runner tying shoelaces on city road

Obsession with the outcome of a race can decrease your confidence, causing you to overthink and possibly underperform. It can create a bad situation in which you expect to perform optimally but the situation itself is not conductive for you to run your fastest. It shifts the focus from present to future. Runners will cross the line between healthy and unhealthy training when the outcome has a singular focus. They’ll deny fatigue and pain and keep pushing to achieve their goal. Frustrated by being just outside their goal they will succumb to the negative thoughts in their head saying ‘push harder’ or ‘train more’ and ignore the signs of fatigue in a blind pursuit of their goal. They will push their body over the edge and not be able to restore strength and energy. So, keep in mind it’s not always a good thing to push harder in training.

Today was a perfect example of this for myself. I had to do 10 x half mile about 10 seconds slower than I normally would run them. I was as fatigued as it gets prior to the workout because I’m deep into marathon training. I knew I just needed to get the work in and not try to overdo it. It’s going to really benefit me for my next workout which will be one of my hardest sessions of the cycle.

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