‘Worriers’ and ‘Warriors’

From the Coach

There are two types of runners in this world. ‘Worriers’ and ‘Warriors’.

Worriers thrive on a structured routine. They are happiest when they have a plan with clear objectives. They tend to worry about the details and analyze all potential outcomes. Worriers can be challenged by stressful situations but they are persistent people who learn from their experiences. These traits allow them to be successful even in high risk situations. Worriers are sometimes introverted which causes them to be less open to new people or experiences.

Warriors are ‘born to be wild’ risk takers. They’re quick to say yes to an adventure and high pressured situations are where they thrive. They actually need stress in order to achieve success. Warriors come alive and perform well on race day. A lack of focus can make it difficult to be successful in most meaningful situations. Unlike Worriers they struggle with the day to day grind but they’re not nervous when presented with a challenge unlike Worriers. Warriors are always all-in.

Now it might seem that it’s better to be a Warrior rather than a Worrier…but both have their pros and cons. Warriors might appear to be primed for success but Worriers often outperform Warriors in the long term. Both of these types of runners can be successful. And best of all they can complement each other.

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